What I Do

My Philosophy

I believe that we are Divine creations, living in this dimension to learn & fulfill our purpose. 

Our purpose is a divine agreement to better the collective conscious.

We are all here to light up the Universe in some way. 

It is our responsibility to do the internal work to discover, remember, who we are.

Then align with our essence to co-create the life of our divine desires and dreams, which is how we impact the collective whole. 

My Methods

Spiritual Gifts & Healing Modalities

  •  Reiki Level II practitioner
  • Lightworker Oracle Card Reader
  • Novice Runes Reader
  • Intuitive Healer
    • Empath, Clairaudient, sentient, cognizant

IIN Certified Health Coach

Life Skills/Experience

  •  Mom of 10, Grammy of 12
  • Homeschooling mom of learning challenged kids
  • Holistic/Alternative mom


My Passions

My passions are so deep and varied, but I have a huge heart for children & women. Especially, domestic violence victims, survivors & thrivers! 

I am passionate to help transform & impact the lives of millions, of all genders & ages!

Families are dear to my heart because the bonds that create family, whether or not blood, are what make life’s moments amazing! 

Currently, I am working on a huge vision for children. I will be sharing this in my blog posts and on my social media as it is in a gestation stage right now. 

Health & Lifestyle Coaching

As a holistic health & lifestyle coach, I am very versatile in my approach to a healthy life.

My main focus is on self-love & care, once those are aligned the rest is synergistic.

I work personally with clients, families, groups, and companies.

I've authored eBooks &programs.

I offer events & demos, on-site classes & speaking engagements.

I practice Reiki, Lightworker Oracle readings & Intuitive healings.


Network&Affiliate Marketing

I work in network marketing in a 90% automated platform that allows me to create generational wealth while improving the health and well being of people all over the world.

I get to serve & guide people to better health & the lifestyle of their dreams through the products that we affiliate.

In this business community of entrepreneurs, we have amazing mentors & leaders, who model heart-centered service, self-development & growth over earnings.


Personal & Virtual Assistant

I have worked as a freelancer & private contractor for the better part of 20 years.

My skills & experience are extensive. The scope of work & fields that I have worked in is extremely varied.

My client list includes one-off projects, long-term clients of several years & everything in between. Resulting in great referrals and reviews of my work.

Please click below to learn more about my skills & experience. 


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