Health & Lifestyle Coaching

Health & Lifestyle Coaching

Self-Love & Care

As a health & lifestyle coach, I believe in self-love & self-care as the ultimate foundation for everything.

When you begin to expand & grow from the space of self-love, everything you are, choose and do are based on that foundation.


I work with clients 1:1, as families, small groups, or companies. This is the most exclusive program I offer. You are directly & fully supported in all aspects of transforming your health & lifestyle.

I currently have an eBook geared towards families learning to live healthier. And a 4-week meal program, “Food for Fuel”. These options are a lower cost point to get started on your journey to a healthier life. These require a much higher level of personal commitment as they do not have direct support.

Live Events

I am now opening my schedule to offer live events, on-site or online.

These can be speaking events such as lectures, demos, cooking classes. They can be exclusively informational or hands-on, fun settings.

Other live events include event meal planning, cooking demos at events, in-home cooking classes &/or meal planning.

I even offer live-in health coaching for families. This is a very high-level support option, that has to be a heart-centered fit for everyone. It can include complete meal planning, preparation & shopping. Or any variation of support you require.